The Benefits of Using Travel Blogs to Help Plan Your Trips (+ 10 of my Faves)

Does that say 68 million!?

I know, I know – not all of these are uniqu Kedarkantha trek e websites. But however the range’s pretty massive!

In fact if you’re looking for just the maximum popular ones, then this post lists 2,500 of them!


So how first-rate to use all that facts to help you plan your adventures?

In this article I share the main advantages are to the usage of tour blogs, while studying and making plans your journeys.

And stick round to the cease to discover my favorite journey blogs.

Disclaimer: Please be aware of the phrase HELP. I am not announcing travel blogs need to be the most effective tool you operate to plan your trips, but after they’re used along manual books, tourism websites and boards they offer an additional, particular standpoint that, for me, has grow to be a crucial part of my travel planning habitual.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Travel Blog To Plan Your Trip?
1) You Can Be Super-Specific
The first advantage of using travel blogs to devise your journey, is that you could be awesome-precise in looking for content this is applicable to you.

A journey guidebook has to try to cowl off all bases, so will commonly come to be within the middle-floor, looking to please as many humans with its information as viable.

There is no such danger with tour blogs.

There is a weblog for each want!
In fact it’s far a famous approach among bloggers to try to ‘area of interest down’ as a whole lot as possible. When you’re competing against such a lot of other blogs, the only way to win seek traffic from Google is to make the content of your blog genuinely unique, and awareness in on a smaller audience.

So some thing your pastimes, you’ll discover a blog to healthy them.


Fancy travelling the world to peer football stadiums? TheStadiumGuide.Com has were given you covered.


Determined to tour at no cost, and make more use of that opposable thumb? HitchhikersHandbook.Com will assist you get a lift.


Powered through plant life? No issues, VeganTravel.Com has were given your returned.

See what I imply?

No extra searching through the Lonely Planet Guide to locate the only paragraph the speaks for your desires.

With tour blogs you can find whole communities installation to help you out!

So next time you’re planning a trip, get on Google and be exceptional-particular approximately what you’re seeking out. You would possibly simply be amazed what you turn up!

2) The Opinions Are (Generally) Unbiased
Most tour bloggers are impartial, and blog about tour in their spare time. Yes, there are the elite guys at the top who make a living from it, however most of us are doing this as a hobby rather than a enterprise venture.

It within reason not unusual within the journey industry for human beings to simply accept unfastened journeys in trade for writing an editorial, or to be beneath stress from their guide to provide a certain form of content, so from time to time it is difficult to exercise session what a sincere opinion is. Some bloggers try this too, however they have to make this clean on their web site in line with FTC guidelines.

And on the subject of the usage of tourism websites to devise your trip, well their sole purpose is to promote the area, so that they’re certainly going to expose the place in a beneficial mild.

This is wherein journey bloggers healthy in.

They provide an true counterpoint to the huge publications, and are often writing their portions ‘in the moment’ while the evaluations are uncooked and fresh. They’ve generally spent their very own money to be there, without a price or incentive to provide up a positive opinion, so what you get is the fact.

Well their model of the fact anyway….

As with everything evaluations should be taken in context. Don’t permit one character’s perspective positioned your off a place, however similarly don’t allow it robust-arm you into going. Travel is set finding your personal way, and your very own stories. Any variety of factors have an effect on an opinion, and alot are confined to that specific time: the weather, the crowds, a bad revel in with a pickpocket – so study, learn, reflect after which make your own decisions.
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three) The Information Is Up To Date
One of the most important demanding situations with conventional journey publications is maintaining them updated.

From the second one they visit print data starts offevolved to get obsolete. Everything from charges, starting instances and even their life can trade (we once spent an hour in Malta looking for a sacred tree, that had actually been uprooted and moved 1/2 a mile away!)

Our Travel Guidebook Collection
Our Guidebook Collection
This doesn’t suggest I don’t love guidebooks, I do! In fact we’ve masses of them, however even in case you’ve got the today’s version you need to double-check.

The nice way to get primary records together with commencing times and pricing is by way of the use of the legit website related to the enchantment you’re going to.

But in case you’re looking for up to date evaluations then a blog may be a awesome manner.

And there’s a simply simple way to do this on Google. Just search for the call of the region you’re going, followed by means of the word ‘weblog’ after which use the gear menu to search for articles written currently, so you make certain you’re

This seek under for the Taj Mahal is a excellent example.

Search for articles or examine guidebooks about the Taj Mahal, and also you’ll be flooded with awesome recommendations, best places to take photos and what the dress code is.

All useful stuff.

But switch over to articles written in the remaining month, and you understand something’s changed.

The Taj Mahal goes to be wiped clean in 2018, with a massive face masks style mud-percent.

Not so right for the ones classic snap shots.

There is honestly no way a guidebook ought to maintain up with this, and at the same time as the tourism web sites will provide you with advice, a weblog is a extremely good manner to find out even extra detail from those who’ve surely been there and experienced the changes.

Taj Mahal Search .Gif
So do yourself a favour, and use current weblog posts to assist upload in your history studies, and shop any mid-travel hiccups.
4) You Can Ask Questions
How to apply a journey blog to plan your journey
Here’s one advantage that’s pretty specific to tour blogs, the capability to ask questions.

Scroll right down to the bottom of maximum blogs and you’ll find a area for remarks.

Most bloggers love to have interaction with their readers. It’s a quite lonely challenge every so often, tapping away at a pc within the dim-lit corner of a cafe. So while a person indicates an interest by way of commenting or asking questions we’re instantly in with a response.
Not every blogger is first-rate, but you’ll quickly see from their previous posts if they hassle to answer.

Take Derek over at WanderingEarl.Com.

He’s one in all the biggest blogs within the global, but nonetheless makes time to reply to his readers.
Just observe how beneficial he is if you ask a query….

Pretty cool!

Now I recognize you may get similar interaction from journey forums, but the first rate issue about blogs is that you trust within the person answering the query. If you’ve study a super article, but it was lacking one piece of important data, then the feedback may want to assist you fill in the gaps. You recognize you may consider the reaction, because the relaxation of the publish turned into so right!

So move one, get concerned, and start adding feedback to those weblog posts to help along with your planning.

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